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Katarzyna Debska, Anna Deborah Disse,

Jerzy Mączyński, Weronika Bielecka


affluenza live

affluenza live

concept, live visuals: Katarzyna Dębska

movement: Anna Deborah Disse

music: Jerzy Mączyński

vocals: Weronika Bielecka

Performance took place during finissage of Katarzyna Debska's solo exhibition "Expiry date".

VORFLUTER gallery, Berlin


Can you imagine world without plants? Let's move for a moment to the near future. 

As a result of progressive crimes against the nature of the plant practically

they became extinct in 2040 - they disappeared as a result of systemic negligence, ecocide

ceased to be just a symbolic concept. How would we live if we only co-existed with

non-physical plant substitutes? Humankind has contributed to the extinction of hundreds species of plants and animals, 

destroying entire ecosystems. Plant endurance, even succulents that store water and are equipped with thorns, was not able to

allow them to adapt to new conditions in which excess, satiety

consumption and global overproduction, caused their natural environment to succumb deformation and destruction. 

The constant obsession with growth has led us to a state of emptiness. What do you feel walking on barren ground? 

Will the plant hologram experience replace us? real experience? In her latest work, Katarzyna Dębska checks how she can

gruesome fantasy about the future of plants. Only in theory for now.

- Agata Ostrowska


"By photographing the night life of plants in cities, I wondered how it would feel like to be trapped

behind the fence, under the concrete, deprived of the light needed to self-develope. Plant situation,

that are bound to certain conditions because someone decided to do so, showed me

at the same time their incredible determination, wisdom, strength and deep symbiosis, 

in which we live together."

- Katarzyna Debska

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