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Kotwica 1
Kotwica 2

Katarzyna Dębska,  Michelangelo Dousis  

and you said and I said and you said  and you sat in the green chair and I sat in the red chair and you forgot again 

UK, 2018 

performance record, 50:22 

CSM building, Granary Square, London 

concept&visuals: Katarzyna Debska

sound&movement improvisation: Katarzyna Debska and Michelangelo Dousis

artistic supervision: Michael Spencer  

full video at vimeo: 

The title, a quote taken from Charles Bukowski’s poem, is a starting point for a reflection on  terms „male”/„female” body and the unfounded reasons of its cultural distinction,

sometimes arguing with and sometimes defending the nature of Bukowski’s texts.

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