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Kotwica 1

Marta Skoczeń's exhibition

curated by Katarzyna Debska

Mock-up houses

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Marta Skoczeń / MOCK-UP HOUSES


SAUNA, ul. Marszałkowska 115 (entrance from ul. Przechodnia; floor -1)

Opening: July 9, 2022, 6.30 PM

+ concert Bartosz Szablowski solo feat. Jerzy Maczyński interactive with Marta's video

curated by: Katarzyna Dębska

texts by: Katarzyna Debska & Wojciech Szczerbetka

zine designed by: Iza Miecznikowska

production: SAUNA


The exhibition will run until 31/07/2022

Mockup, model. The mock-up is the moment before the form takes its full shape. Constructing and trying to achieve the desired color and shape, a process in which everything can still change, a transit where matter cannot or does not want to be defined yet.

Marta Skoczeń's exhibition is a presentation of photographs and videos focusing on the subject of maturation, searching for one's own identity and self-awareness. The artist examines the tensions between what is socially defined as feminine, assigned to roles, and desires, real needs, intimacy.

The heroines of the portraits are women who are at the moment of making decisions and breaking away from what is familiar, "domesticated". The key issue is the correspondence with the landscape, the space outside-the- physical-home, through which the artist carefully observes the condition of the portrayed people and opens a reflection on the autonomous houses built by themselves in their own bodies.Marta Skoczeń, after showing her works in June at the collective exhibition "Terra Mater" at the Paris Gallery 7 rue de Paradis, individually adapts the space of the Sauna.

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