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Katarzyna Dębska,  Jerzy Mączyński, Anastasia Valsamaki,

Małgorzata Potocka

The Diary 

The Diary / Dzienniki  | 2022 October 15th 

Powszechny Theater

im. Jana Kochanowskiego in Radom

main stage

Witold Gombrowicz Festival in Radom


Katarzyna Dębska- video recordings, costumes, performance (live video),

directing collaboration

Jerzy Mączyński - music compositions, performance (live sound),

directing collaboration 

Anastasia Valsamaki - choreography, performance

Małgorzata Potocka- adaptation and dramaturgy collaboration, voice

duration: 50 minutes

fot. Marta Dudzińska

video documentation: Łukasz Bieniecki

"DZIENNIK / DIARY" is an interdisciplinary performance where sound, visuals and movement create an artistic nexus based on Witold Gombrowicz's "Diaries" written in 1953-1969. Despite the passage of years, thanks to the themes undertaken by the writer, such as searching for one's own identity or functioning in imposed social conventions and politics, the notes seem to be very up-to-date. The diary itself as a very personal and private form of narration which reminds us of the quarantine times, when we were all confronted with a situation of isolation and for most of us it was a period of spending more time with ourselves than usually. In the performance, three elements enter into a dialogue: sound, video and movement, which in combination with fragments of Gombrowicz's "Diaries" create an intimate spectacle.

A multichannel audiovisual installation with live performance on self exploration which sways on the verge of personal choice and society norms, freedom and privacy,

inspired by the two notebooks written simultaneously by Witold Gombrowicz- "The Diaries" (published during his life) and "Kronos" (published after his death), confronting his two faces, looking for an identity. 

"DZIENNIK / DIARY'' is the second collaboration between the Polish composer/musician Jerzy Mączyński, video artist Katarzyna Dębska and the Greek dance artist Anastasia Valsamaki. They became residency artists at EIGHT Critical Institute fro Arts and Politics in Athens (October 2021) and created a cross disciplinary performance in support with Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.

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