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Kotwica 1
Kotwica 2

Katarzyna Dębska,  Joanna Cieślak,  Andrzej Karałow,

Jerzy Mączyński, Athina Vahla 



October 28th 2021

19.00 - 21.00



Athina Vahla space choreography

Katarzyna Dębska concept, videos, light

Jerzy Mączyński concept, composition, field recordings, saxophone, electronics

Andrzej Karałow piano, synths, improvisation 

Joanna Cieślak cello, improvisation

Andrzej Kijanowski sound engineering

Natan Kryszk event poster

POOL-  a small area of usually still water: pools of water in the gutter / a small amount of liquid on a surface: a pool of blood/oil ; figurative a pool of light / a swimming pool / a number of people or a quantity of a particular thing, such as money, collected together for shared use by several people or organizations / in some card games, an amount of money that is collected from all the players and received by the player who wins the game / the money risked by a number of people on the result of a game or event: a baseball/football/hockey pool ; the office pool ; Who won the pool? / the pools (also football pools) a type of gambling in which people risk a small amount of money and try to guess the results of football games correctly and win a lot of money / a pool of sunlight / a game in which two people use cues (= long, thin poles) to hit 16 coloured balls into six holes around the edge of a large table covered in soft cloth: a pool table/room/hall, mainly US informal Do you want to shoot (= play) some pool? = a game played by two or more people in which a cue (= long, round stick) is used to hit a white ball against other balls in order to roll them into one of six holes around the edge of a special table: a pool table / to collect something such as money in order for it to be used by several different people or groups / to combine your money with money from a number of other people for shared use / a quantity of a particular thing or money that is collected and used by different people or organizations / a number of people who are available to work when needed /a group of insurance companies that work together to provide insurance for something that a single insurance company cannot provide insurance for alone: a high-risk insurance pool / to share something such as money, information, etc. so that it can be used by several different people or groups pool experience/knowledge/talents / deep pool: It is a big and a deep pool and has an old ladder by the weir which works well when the water gets to about 44 degrees. / genetic pool: It is the mutation that is in charge of reintroducing some missing information back into the genetic pool. [source:


SAUNA STUDIO- the abandoned SPA complex, inc.a sauna and a pool, of the former Polish-Soviet Friendship House in Warsaw, transformed into a place of cultural activities.

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SARIANI is a series of four audiovisual events organized by Sauna Studio in Warsaw (29/09, 28/10, 24/11, 1/12). The program includes concerts combined with visualizations, video installations and accompanying exhibitions.


Patronate: Rzeczpospolita, NN6T 

The project was co-financed by the "Music" program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance (NIMIT).

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