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A space in an abandoned SPA complex in the underground of Warsaw + platform for sound, visual and a/v artists.

Run by Katarzyna Debska & Jerzy Mączyński.

Our past events and contact >>> Ig: @saunaplatform



17.09.2023: SPA w/ Bartosz Zaskórski (PL) and Eivind Vullum (NO)

25.09-30.09.2023: artist-in-residence Nour Sokhon in collaboration w/ Katarzyna Debska and Jerzy Mączyński

29.09.2023: SAUNA x FRINGE WARZAWA exhibition+performance  w/ Hanna Abrahamson, Katarzyna Debska, Zuzanna Głód, ,

Michał Matejko, Jerzy Mączyński, Nour Sokhon, Justyna Streichsbier



A broadcast by SAUNA (Katarzyna Debska & Jerzy Maczynski), monthly in Radio Kapitał

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 14.11.49.png

A mixtape prepared especially for SAUNA from Pieter Jansen, whom we also had the pleasure of hosting during the Sleeping Session event in 2021.

“1 hour live improv at a radio show using vinyl records. I wanted to challenge myself trying to travel between genres / release dates 90s/00s/10s/20s records, traversing between different sound textures and ending with more concrete electronica infused with beats. I hope this somewhat translates to the listener :).”

Pieter Jansen is a Dutch DJ and curator of electronic music, he runs the label Ninih i Yeyeh and organizes the cyclical event Breakfast Club.

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This time in the broadcast we invite you to listen to Wacław Zimpel's solo charity concert for alto clarinet, piano and analog robot - the event took place in SAUNA at the beginning of 2020.


As a bonus, we also include two tracks from Wacław's upcoming album "Train Spotter" released on the State 51 Conspiracy label.

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On the last day of February, we invite you to a meeting with Nicolas Stocker, whom we had the pleasure of hosting in SAUNA on January 19, 2023. He then played a solo percussion concert during an evening organized as part of our S.P.A. series.


Nicolas Stocker - a Swiss drummer who became famous on the jazz scene in Europe in the bands KALI Trio, Nik Bärtsch MOBILE and in cooperation with Areni Agbabian (ECM). He has also participated in more electronic-oriented projects such as Ricardo Villalobos / Max Loderbauer RE:ECM 2011, and most recently Maarja Nut Hinged from 2021. He released his debut solo album on Ronin Rythm Records in 2018.

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 14.13.48.png
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 14.14.04.png
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 14.14.25.png
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 14.14.43.png

In the episode we will listen together to fragments of a conversation with the Norwegian composer Eivind Vullum and his songs from the album OHMS LOVE [2022] and the retransmission of the concert from SAUNA [19/01/23], which is the nucleus of new compositions and a project by Eivind in collaboration with Jerzy Mączyński (saxophone), Nicolas Stocker (drums) and VLF (visualizations), played as part of the PL (SPATiF, Warsaw) / NO (Bla Oslo) mini tour.


Eivind Vullum is a Norwegian musician, sound designer and DJ with experience on the electronic music scene in Oslo, including as one half of the techno duo Bloksberg. He also works as a DJ with his permanent club concept KADABRA/Oslo. His debut solo album OHMS LOVE was released by HMD Records in spring 2022. The album consists of seven meditative, harmonious sound tracks from the borderline of new age and ambient music. The songs are recorded on analog synthesizers and juxtaposed with processed field recordings and electroacoustic sound.

Third breath - this time they will host the sauna cycle S.P.A. was Apoorva Krishna, who came to Warsaw and Berlin from South India to play a solo violin concerto.


We invite you to listen to the recording from SAUNA together and immerse yourself in the Carnatic rhythm.

Drugi odcinek saunowej audycji. Pierwszego oddechu gorącego powietrza można było zaczerpnąć z nami we wrześniu w ramach pasma gościnnego “Coś się dzieje”, poświęconego wprowadzeniu słuchaczek i słuchaczy w przestrzeń opuszczonego kompleksu SPA znajdującego się w podziemiach Warszawy, gdzie odbywają się koncerty, wystawy i spotkania. Odsłuchem fragmentów koncertów Anny Pasic i Antoniny Nowackiej z wrześniowej premierowej edycji cyklu S.P.A. zainicjujemy nasze spotkania co cztery tygodnie w Radio Kapitał.

Premiera live session Antoniny Nowackiej i Jerzego Maczynski z wizualizacjami Katarzyny już 15 grudnia na youtubie !

Pierwszy oddech w Saunie to odcinek poświęcony wprowadzeniu słuchaczek i słuchaczy w przestrzeń opuszczonego kompleksu SPA znajdującego się w podziemiach Warszawy.
Dawka jazzu, ambientu, elektroniki, punku.



O autorce i autorze audycji:

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