Katarzyna Dębska, Wiktoria Jakubowska, Jerzy Mączyński, Szymon Wójcik, USO9001


garage concert

November 1st 2021




Jerzy Mączyński - compositions, saxophone, electronics

Katarzyna Dębska - live visuals

Wiktoria Jakubowska - drums

Szymon Wójcik - bass guitar


Jan Gałosz - guitar 

Miłosz Pieczonka - saxophone

Jan Pieniążek - drums

Andrzej Kijanowski - sounengineering

Michał Szaranowicz - event video documentation

Michał Małota - event photo documentation

Jerry & The Pelican System feat Wiktoria Jakubowska + Szymon Wójcik, was the final concert of the "SARIANI" project, which has been organized since September in the Sauna Studio spaces in Warsaw. The concert was based on the compositions of Jerzy Mączyński from his latest album "Sariani", released in November 2021 by the Dutch publishing house "Yeyeh" Pieter Jansen.

In addition to Mączyński, on the stage we could see: Wiktoria Jakubowska and Szymon Wójcik, whose sounds you can hear, among others in the song "Everest Inn" on the album "Yeyeh".

Before them, USO9001 (Jan Gałosz, Jan Pieniążek, Miłosz Pieczonka) will appear on stage. The whole concert was accompanied by live visuals of Katarzyna Dębska.

The concert took place in the basement of the building at pl. Bankowy in Warsaw, in a place specially adapted for this purpose: a garage on level -1 of the Capitol Theater building (115 Marszałkowska Street). 


SAUNA STUDIO- the abandoned SPA complex, inc.a sauna and a pool, of the former Polish-Soviet Friendship House in Warsaw, transformed into a place of cultural activities.


Read more: https://nn6t.pl/.../muzyczne-spa29-10...

SARIANI is a series of four audiovisual events organized by Sauna Studio in Warsaw (29/09, 28/10, 24/11, 1/12). The program includes concerts combined with visualizations, video installations and accompanying exhibitions.


Patronate: Rzeczpospolita, NN6T 

The project was co-financed by the "Music" program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance (NIMIT).