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Katarzyna Dębska,  Poly Chain (Sasha Zakrevska),  Jerzy Mączyński 



Sauna Studio, Warsaw

Composition, electronics: Sasha Zkrevska, Jerzy Mączyński  

Visuals: Katarzyna Dębska  

Sound engineer: Wojtek Perczyński

Video documentation: Łukasz Bieniecki

Poster: Natan Kryszk

Trance. Culture. Flow is the first concert in the autumn series of audiovisual events, which will take place on September 29 at Sauna Studio in Warsaw. Sasha Zakrevski and Jerzy Mączyński, or Poly Chain x Jerry & ThePelicanSystem, will present a new sound material that will critically reflect on the Eurocentric attitude from the perspective of music and the traditionally used trance. The project focuses on the contexts of electronic music and its potential of inclusiveness. Small gestures recorded in video and audio field recordings reflect the repetition, at the same time individualization of everyday ordinary activities, needs and desires, probably not dependent on time and geographic location. After the concert there will be a meeting with the artists.

The next events in the series will took place on 20.10, 24.11 i 1.12.


SAUNA STUDIO is an abandoned spa complex in the basement of the former Polish-Soviet Friendship House in Warsaw. Now converted into a studio and venue for recordings, concerts, exhibitions and audiovisual activities.

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SARIANI is a series of four audiovisual events organized by Sauna Studio in Warsaw (29/09, 28/10, 24/11, 1/12). The program includes concerts combined with visualizations, video installations and accompanying exhibitions.


Patronate: Rzeczpospolita, NN6T 

The project was co-financed by the "Music" program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance (NIMIT).

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