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Katarzyna Dębska,  Michelangelo Dousis,  Mihalis Intzieyanni 

OBJECT OF DESIRE NO.  ml08052018

UK, 2018 

performance and 5-channel video installation, 02:00:00 

Platfortm Theater, Granary Square, London 


talk about the project was held duringPrague Quadriennial for Sce nography and Performance 2019: Imagination. Transformation. Me mory 36Q: PQ Spot Light section (Industrial Palace/ Small Sports  Hall/ Exhibition Grounds) 

concept, visuals, performance: Katarzyna Dębska

sound, performance: Michelangelo Dousis

performance: Mihalis Intzieyanni

artistic supervision: Michael Spencer 


In the black box of 3 performers, two of them are holding cameras,  the third one reacts with sound to the recorded image. The performers record each other, following the images and repeating each other’s movements. The digitized body image is streamed from live cameras on  5 walls. They simultaneously repeat the movements observed in the  projection. The body becomes rescaled, ubiquitous, and it is incre asingly difficult to find the whole in its fragmentary nature. Accidentally the cameras discharge, performers  bodies are confronted in the  space. Their actions rise questions about control and solitude  within virtual reality relationships. After the performance only the date and the ephemeral, disinte image remain in the memory.

video excerpts at vimeo:  

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