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Katarzyna Dębska, Alexey Kochetkov, Jerzy Mączyński

concert at Panda Platforma, Berlin [2022]


April 30th 2022

Panda Platforma [ ]



Live visuals: Katarzyna Dębska  

Compositions, electronics, saxophone: Jerzy Mączyński  

Compositions, electronics, violin: Alexey Kochetkov

Three artists, three digital loop stations, one goal – to process recent global events and present an emotional outcome in the form of an audiovisual performance. From the relative comparison perspective, one can say that the dark ages are behind us, and we are now living in the most prosperous and peaceful time in human history, but does it really feel this way? Recent global pandemic, current shameful war against Ukraine, unprecedented climate crisis, growing social inequality and the rise of autocratic regimes: all those may raise the question: are we paving our way into a brighter future or taking one last step up before collapsing into darkness?


The second event of the irregular series Live Looping Trip is an experimental electroacoustic performance concepted by three artists: Alexey Kochetkov aka 5 String Theory (violin and electronics), Jerzy Maczynski (saxophone and electronics) and Katarzyna Debska aka Velvet Fog (live visuals). It will take place at PANDA platforma Berlin, which actively supports the victims of the war in Ukraine. The performance will combine original compositions and improvisations for acoustic instruments and digital loop machines and visual art.



Alexey Kochetkov -  violinist, composer and music producer of wide stylistic versatility. He studied violin in Smolensk College of Music and composition in Jerusalem Music Academy.

Now Kochetkov is living and working in Berlin, Germany. 5 String Theory is one of his two leading projects in which he explores violin and computer symbiosis.
Kochetkov has composed music for several films and theater performances of the renown director Amos Gitai and toured with the acclaimed Australian circus group Gravity & Other Myths. Kochetkov's multidisciplinary performance "Classical Dreams in a Digital Age" was premiered as an official reopening program of Ballhaus Wedding on 3 February 2022.

Jerzy Maczynski – Polish saxophonist, composer and music producer.
From an early age, he was educated in music schools in the fields of jazz and classical music. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Wrocław, he spent the last year of undergraduate studies on a scholarship in Denmark, where he perfected his music skills at Syddanskmusikkonservatorium. In 2018, he began his master’s studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in the field of contemporary music performance.
The founder and the leader of the project “Jerry & The Pelican System” – In 2019, he released the debut album with the same name in the most prestigious Jazz series in Poland called Polish Jazz.
In 2021, he released the electronic LP Jerry&ThePelicanSystem SARIANI in dutch label Yeyeh, where from then on he also shows himself as a solo performer.
One of the most important projects was also a Jerry&ThePelicanSystem virtual tour where, during 7 episodes recorded in an abandoned Soviet swimming pool, Jerry invited over 30 artists from all over the world to cooperate.
In his career so far he played on many national and international stages, including: London Jazz Festival, Jazz Jantar, Dwa Brzegi Festival, NCPA Mumbai Experimental Stage , Habitat Center in New Delhi, Jazz nad Odra and many more.

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