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Kotwica 1

above: "Dancing women" sequence from the video installation "Rearchiving" 

Katarzyna Dębska


Re archiving 

UK, 2018 


video installation (6 weeks; changeable each week) 


gallery space: I refuse to mention the name and institution that hosted this event as a political statement. Thank you to all the artists involved.

shown as a part of a collective exhibition „A minute ago” with participation of: Nicholas Brannan, Delia Boyano, Georgia Paza, Nasia Papavasiliuou, Leslie Yao Chung




project website: ving  


cut / mixed / when it was now / your / my / memory / con stantly manipulated / by myself / by an external community  / audience / individual / memory constructed from my own  memories / without the influence of someone sharing mo ments with me / not shaped by someone else’s experiences /  imposed me / my experiences / not only mine / my very auto nomous memory / does not resemble a mess / reminds me /  my private narrative 

Working with visual material from a private archive, the artist  edits and reorganizes live material in the gallery, using shared  space and experiences that help shape new narratives. Interested in various notions of memory, in particular collective and individual dialogue, she leaves traces of each video  performance in the gallery space after each week. 


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