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Kotwica 1
Kotwica 2


dir. Liwia Bargieł

choreography: Liwia Bargieł
artistic support: Mate Meszaros
performed by: Liwia Bargieł, Albert Ciastek/Stefano Silvino, Tomasz Ciesielski/Irad Mazaliah
music and visuals: Kamil Gorgoń
scenography: Katarzyna Dębska
performance created as part of the "Rezydencja / Premiera" program in cooperation with Klub Żak in Gdańsk

"Fairy tales are stories where everything is possible, supernatural things happen, logic does not need justification and thrust. Sometimes cruel, sad stories are hidden under superficial beauty.And who is the person who invents these stories? What is happening in the head of an immature genius that, without a sense of reality, commemorates memories, loses himself in subsequent hallucinations. Reality or a dream? Truth or mara?I imagine Christian Andersen as an infantile man talking with the creations of his imagination, constantly creating and spinning stories from the land of ice or the moon. Sometimes lost in dreams, sometimes very melancholy.Szron / Frost is a spectacle in the collage convention, taking the viewer on a journey through the sleepy, crooked land of absurd." - Liwia Bargiel

below: object / scenography sketch

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