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Katarzyna Dębska, Pieter Jansen, Monika Łopuszyńska, Jerzy Mączyński 

Sleeping Session Part 1. + Part 2.

Sleeping Session

November 24th 2021, 7pm



Pieter Jansen dj

Monika Łopuszyńska vocal

Jerzy Mączyński electronics, saxophone

Katarzyna Dębska videos

Andrzej Kijanowski sound engineering

Natan Kryszk poster


Pieter Jansen brings his series Sleeping Sessions to Warsaw. During the evening he will play ambient sounds to let your thoughts flow in the space of the blue pool. Seat, relax and enjoy your journey. 

The first part of the evening will be taken over by Monika’s Łopuszyńska voice and Jerzy’s Mączyński electronics, reflecting on possibilities of a peaceful and undisturbed sleep in the current times.

Video projections are the images shot at  Sierra Maria Los Velez Natural Park, where the limestone ground, shaped by the water flows, periodically suffers its lack. The park is declared as a special protection zone for around 100 species  of birds, leaving the area and coming back there depending on climate and accessibility of food, and home for numerous endemic species of flora.


SAUNA STUDIO is an abandoned SPA complex, inc.a sauna and a pool, of the former Polish-Soviet Friendship House in Warsaw, transformed into a place of cultural activities- concerts, recordings, exhibitions.

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SARIANI is a series of four audiovisual events organized by Sauna Studio in Warsaw (29/09, 28/10, 24/11, 1/12). The program includes concerts combined with visualizations, video installations and accompanying exhibitions.


Patronate: Rzeczpospolita, NN6T 

The project was co-financed by the "Music" program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance (NIMIT).

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