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Kotwica 1
Kotwica 2

Daisy Cutter, Anna Pasic & Katarzyna Dębska  

S.P.A. day 2.

S.P.A. series opening days

7.09. | Antonina Nowacka (vocal) + Jerzy Mączyński (composition) 

8.09. | Anna Pasic (harp with electronics) + daisy cutter (dj set) + Bartosz Szablowski's music will be heard in a secret spot.

Katarzyna Debska (live visuals, light)

Production of the event: SAUNA / Jerzy Mączyński and Katarzyna Debska
Video&photo documentation of the event: Łukasz Bieniecki | Sound engineer: Andrzej Kijanowski

September events will open a new series at the Warsaw SAUNA - S.P.A.
On September 7 and 8, ambient audiovisual events in the form of installations and performances will take place in the space of the abandoned swimming pool and sauna in the basement of a building at Plac Bankowy. On the first day, Antonina Nowacka's voice will be heard in dialogue with sounds created electronically and acoustically by Jerzy Mączyński, on the second day, the harp in Anna Pasic’s solo will smoothly pass into the DJ set created by daisy cutter.
The sense of hearing will interact with the visual experience - the sound flowing in parallel from several points in space along with the rays of light and images changing its intensity and temperature will surround the body, which, reacting to stimuli, will be able to freely search for its place, position and density. *
The two-day session will end with a discussion panel.


ul. Marszałkowska 115 (entrance from ul. Przechodnia)
September 7 and 8, doors open: 18.30

Free tickets for individual events to be booked via PM on Instagram SAUNY or Fb 
** The events will be recorded.

There will be pillows/mats available on site + a gift in the form of a SPA kit at home


About the artists:

Antonina Nowacka
Anna Pasic 
Daisy Cutter
Jerzy Mączyński
Katarzyna Debska
Łukasz Bieniecki


supported by a program NCK: Kultura- Interwencje. Edycja 2022

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