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Projekt Tuwim

Projekt Tuwim

premiere: September 2022    

directed by Olaf Lubaszenko

based on poems by Julian Tuwim

scenography: Katarzyna Debska

costumes: Honorata Paprot

music: Jerzy Mączyński

starring: Iwona Rulewicz, Halina Bednarz, Joanna Balasz, Marta Bryła i in.

production: Capitol Theater in Warsaw

" Dear viewers, we present "Projekt Tuwim", an energetic musical spectacle for children and youth, based on the works of Julian Tuwim, directed by Olaf Lubaszenko. Widely known and adored by generations a classic of Polish children's literature in a completely new, dancing and singing theater formula - this cannot be missed! Move with us to the "Capital School of Warsaw" and take part in the funniest, most dancing and singing outdoor Polish language lesson you have ever attended! Thanks to the cheerful atmosphere and having fun together, your time in our capital school will pass very quickly, and your memories will stay with you for a very long time. "

more photos soon

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