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Kotwica 1

Jerzy Mączyński,  Katarzyna Dębska  

Drone 1. / Temple  of Jets

PL, 2021 


live session recording, 27:17 


video shown at „Domówka z Dwójką” audition by Jacek Hawryluk / Second Channel of Polish National Radio 


recorded at Sauna Studio in Warsaw, PL 

composition, saxophone, electronics: Jerzy Mączyński

visuals, video recording&editing: Katarzyna Dębska

SAUNA STUDIO is an abandoned spa complex in the basement of the former Polish-Soviet Friendship House at Bankowy Square in Warsaw. Now it is being transformed into a  

studio and venue for recordings, concerts, exhibitions and  cultural events. The aim is to focus on discussions related to  the re-adaptation of places in the urban tissue that are forgotten and slowly might disappear from the city map, and to save  them by transforming into new spaces of cultural activity.

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