Improvised journey through atmospheric terrains and soundscapes


performance, 7pm

Vorfluter gallery, Berlin

Katarzyna Debska - live visuals

Jerzy Mączyński - live sound

Nasia Papavasiliou - live body based actions

Vorfluter + Paula Vidal - curating


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" Invitation for an improvised session of spatialized sounds and performative actions through Paula Vidal’s <<Out of Season Shelters>>

The three artist Katarzyna Dębska, Jerzy Mączyński, Nasia Papavasiliou will perform a session of spatialized sounds and performative actions through Paula Vidal’s “Out of Season Shelters. Starting at 7pm at Vorfluter. "

  -  Vorfluter

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S.P.A. | 2022 Sept. 7-8   


ul. Marszałkowska 115 (entrance from ul. Przechodnia)

7.09. | Antonina Nowacka (vocal) + Jerzy Mączyński (composition) +

K. Debska aka VLVFG (live visuals, light)

8.09. | Anna Pasic (harp with electronics) + Daisy Cutter (dj set) +

K. Debska aka VLVFG (live visuals, light)

+ discussion panel

Production of the event: SAUNA / Jerzy Mączyński and Katarzyna Debska

Video documentation of the event: Łukasz Bieniecki | Sound engineer: Andrzej Kijanowski


Free tickets for individual events to be booked via or PM on SAUNA's Instagram @sauna0studio. The events will be recorded.


There will be pillows and disposable earplugs available on site + a gift in the form of a SPA kit for practice at home.



September events will open up a new series at the Warsaw SAUNA - S.P.A.

On September 7 and 8, ambient audiovisual events in the form of installations and performances will take place in the space of the abandoned swimming pool and sauna in the basement of a building at Plac Bankowy. On the first day, Antonina Nowacka's voice will be heard in dialogue with sounds created electronically and acoustically by Jerzy Mączyński, on the second day, the harp in Anna Pasic’s solo will smoothly pass into the DJ set created by Daisy Cutter.

The sense of hearing will interact with the visual experience - the sound flowing in parallel from several points in space along with the rays of light and images changing its intensity and temperature will surround the body, which, reacting to stimuli, will be able to freely search for its place, position and density.

The two-day session will end with a panel opening up a discussion about various approaches and practices regarding the therapeutic aspect of art in the social and psychological dimension.

The Diary / Dzienniki  | 2022 October 15th 

Powszechny Theater

im. Jana Kochanowskiego in Radom

main stage

Witold Gombrowicz Festival in Radom


Katarzyna Dębska- video recordings, costumes, performance (live video),

directing collaboration

Jerzy Mączyński - music compositions, performance (live sound),

directing collaboration 

Anastasia Valsamaki - choreography, performance

Małgorzata Potocka- adaptation and dramaturgy collaboration, voice


Duration: 50 minutes



"DZIENNIK / DIARY" is an interdisciplinary performance where sound, visuals and movement create an artistic nexus based on Witold Gombrowicz's "Diaries" written in 1953-1969. Despite the passage of years, thanks to the themes undertaken by the writer, such as searching for one's own identity or functioning in imposed social conventions and politics, the notes seem to be very up-to-date. The diary itself as a very personal and private form of narration which reminds us of the quarantine times, when we were all confronted with a situation of isolation and for most of us it was a period of spending more time with ourselves than usually. In the performance, three elements enter into a dialogue: sound, video and movement, which in combination with fragments of Gombrowicz's "Diaries" create an intimate spectacle.

A multichannel audiovisual installation with live performance on self exploration which sways on the verge of personal choice and society norms, freedom and privacy.


"DZIENNIK / DIARY'' is the second collaboration between the Polish composer/musician Jerzy Mączyński, video artist Katarzyna Dębska and the Greek dance artist Anastasia Valsamaki. They became residency artists at EIGHT Critical Institute fro Arts and Politics in Athens (October 2021) and created a cross disciplinary performance in support with Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.

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Projekt Tuwim | September 2022    

Capitol Theater in Warsaw,

main and smaller stage

upcoming performances: autumn TBA

directed by Olaf Lubaszenko

based on poems by Julian Tuwim

scenography: Katarzyna Debska

costumes: Honorata Paprot

music: Jerzy Mączyński

starring: Iwona Rulewicz, Halina Bednarz, Joanna Balasz, Marta Bryła i in.

more photos & info soon



" Dear viewers, we present "Projekt Tuwim", an energetic musical spectacle for children and youth, based on the works of Julian Tuwim, directed by Olaf Lubaszenko. Widely known and adored by generations a classic of Polish children's literature in a completely new, dancing and singing theater formula - this cannot be missed! Move with us to the "Capital School of Warsaw" and take part in the funniest, most dancing and singing outdoor Polish language lesson you have ever attended! Thanks to the cheerful atmosphere and having fun together, your time in our capital school will pass very quickly, and your memories will stay with you for a very long time. "