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Ravekjavik Festival, Łódź PL / June 3rd 2023 ~ night stage / vjing

Direct Network Studio, Berlin DE / June 16th 2023 ~ vjing

4. Urodziny Radia Kapitał, Warsaw PL / July 6-9th 2023 ~ live visuals


UHF project premiere NL / July-August 2023 ~ music video 

Avant Art Festival, Wrocław PL /  Sept. 20th 2023~ Eivind Vullum's project / live visuals 

SAUNA Warsaw / Sept. 2023 TBA 

KM28 Berlin / Oct. 17th 2023~ trio project w/Nour Shakon&Jerzy Maczynski / live visuals

London Jazz Festival / Moth Club, London UK / Nov. 13th 2023 ~ UHF project's UK premiere concert / live visuals

Vorfluter Gallery, Berlin DE/ Dec. 1st 2023 (until Dec. 15th) ~ solo exhibition opening

UHF project

Jamal Moss/Hieroglyphic Being & Jerzy Mączyński

music video + live visuals for selected concerts

project to be premiered

at Dekmantel Festival, Amsterdam


Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 13.12.09.png

Rifts- Hacklab Finale

CTM Festival Berlin

Sun, 5th Feb 2023, 16:00 – 18:00

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2)

Alan Affichard, Corazón De Robota, Filip Ruisl, Juliana Santacruz, Katarzyna Debska, Laura Guarch, Lia Mice, Maoyi Qiu, Matrix Navrot, Saana Pohjonen, Sophia Bulgakova, Stefan Maier, Sumugan Sivanesan, Willstone Sibamwenda, Yin Cheng-Kokott.


Hosted by Peter Kirn and Verónica Mota

Eivind Vullum / Jerzy Mączyński / Nicolas Stocker + vjingVLF









A project initiated by the Norwegian composer, sound designer and DJ Eivind Vullum. The material that will be presented at the only concert in Poland oscillates around Norwegian electronics / ambient, new age and ECM sounds (mainly thanks to Nicolas Stocker, who made his debut at this label in 2019). The saxophonist and producer Jerzy Mączyński was invited to the line-up, and thanks to his ability to prepare the saxophone with electronic tools, he fits perfectly into the concept of the project. The music will enter into a dialogue with visualizations by Katarzyna Dębska aka VLVG. The concert will take place as part of a mini tour, which will end with recordings in the studio in Oslo for the project's debut album. Before the concert, there will be two short solo concerts: by Nicolas Stoker - for the first time in Poland - and by Jerzy Mączyński aka Jerry&ThePelicanSystem - the premiere of the composition Requiem for Nature.

Start at 20:00 Tickets PLN 40/50

800x710 going.jpg



solo exhibition

opening&performance, 7pm

Pracownia Wschodnia Gallery, Warsaw

Katarzyna Debska - concept, videos, installation

Weronika Bielecka - vocal

Olga Kozieł - vocal

Mikołaj Szulczewski / _n_o_k_o__ - light design

Agata Ostrowska - text

Paulina Mirowska - exhibition production


Can you imagine world without plants? Let's move for a moment to the near future. 

As a result of progressive crimes against the nature of the plant practically

they became extinct in 2040 - they disappeared as a result of systemic negligence, ecocide

ceased to be just a symbolic concept. How would we live if we only co-existed with

non-physical plant substitutes? Humankind has contributed to the extinction of hundreds

species of plants and animals, destroying entire ecosystems. Plant endurance, even

succulents that store water and are equipped with thorns, she was not able to

allow them to adapt to new conditions in which excess, satiety

consumption and global overproduction, caused their natural environment to succumb

deformation and destruction. The constant obsession with growth has led us to a state of emptiness. What do you feel walking on barren ground? Will the plant hologram experience replace us? real experience? In her latest work, Katarzyna Dębska checks how she can

gruesome fantasy about the future of plants. Only in theory for now.

By photographing the night life of plants in cities, I wondered how it would feel like to be trapped

behind the fence, under the concrete, deprived of the light needed to self-develope. Plant situation,

that are bound to certain conditions because someone decided to do so, showed me

at the same time their incredible determination, wisdom, strength and deep symbiosis,

in which we live together.

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